Select words?

Select words? - ICHOOSEYOU
Select words?

Sure, I’d be happy to explain the answer ‘ICHOOSEYOU’ related to the crossword clue ‘Select words’.

‘ICHOOSEYOU’ is a phrase that’s commonly used to express love or commitment, especially in romantic relationships. It generally means that someone has chosen, and is choosing, a specific person as their partner for life, and will remain loyal to them through thick and thin.

In the context of the crossword clue, ‘Select words’, ‘ICHOOSEYOU’ fits perfectly as it clearly represents choosing or selecting someone for a particular purpose. Additionally, ‘ICHOOSEYOU’ also fits the length of the answer slot in the crossword.

It could also be helpful to know that ‘ICHOOSEYOU’ has a connection with the popular kids’ TV show, Pokemon. In the show, one of the main characters, Ash, chooses Pikachu as his partner for his journey to become a Pokemon master. He says “I choose you, Pikachu!” and it became an iconic phrase. It is a popular reference among the fans of the show.

Overall, ‘ICHOOSEYOU’ is a great fit as the answer to the crossword clue ‘Select words’ as it epitomizes the act of choosing or selecting someone or something.