Rower’s implement

Rower’s implement - OAR
Rower's implement

There once was a small rowboat on a peaceful lake. The sound of the oars striking the water was the only disturbance on the calm surface. The lone rower, a young woman, was having trouble keeping her momentum. She rowed harder and harder, but the boat only seemed to be moving slower and slower. Then she heard a voice, “I can help you with that.

She looked around but saw no one. Then she saw a , small, old man by the shore. “What do you mean?” she called out.

I have an oar that will help you row better,” he said, holding up a wooden oar. “It’s specially crafted to cut through the water smoothly and quickly, giving you the strength and control you need to row faster and further.

Skeptical but determined, the young woman took the oar from the old man and tried it out. Almost immediately, she could feel the difference in her strokes. The boat glided through the water effortlessly, and she felt stronger and more confident than ever before.

From that day on, the young woman always used the special oar when she rowed, and she became known as the lake’s fastest rower. People often asked her about her secret weapon, and she would always smile and reply, “It’s just my trusty rower’s implement.” And so, the answer to the crossword clue ‘Rower’s implement‘ became known as the oar, the power behind the young woman’s success on the lake.