Ques. counterpart

Ques. counterpart - ANS
Ques. counterpart

Once upon a time, there was a crossword puzzle enthusiast named Alex who loved nothing more than spending his evenings filling out the squares of his favorite puzzles. One day, as he was working on a particularly challenging puzzle, he came across a clue that stumped him. It read “Ques. counterpart” and had only three spaces.

Alex thought long and hard about what the answer could be, but nothing seemed to fit. He tried “answ” and “ques,” but they didn’t quite work. Frustrated, he took a break and went for a walk.

As he wandered through the park, he noticed a group of kids playing a game of question and answer. One child would ask a question, and the others would race to be the first to shout out the answer. That’s when it hit Alex – the answer he was looking for was “ANS“!

In that moment, he realized that “Ques. counterpart” referred to the counterpart of a question – an answer. He rushed home and filled in the answer with a sense of satisfaction that only a crossword puzzle enthusiast can understand.

From that day on, Alex never forgot the importance of paying attention to the clues and thinking outside the box to find the answers. And now, whenever he sees the clue “Ques. counterpart,” he smiles and remembers the connection to his favorite three-letter answer – ANS.