Opposite of mainstream

Opposite of mainstream - INDIE
Opposite of mainstream

Once upon a time, there was a little fish living in a big ocean. All the other fish loved to swim together in big groups and follow the same direction. But this little fish was different. It had its own unique style of swimming and liked to explore and try new things. The other fish would often tease it, calling it weird and different.

One day, the little fish heard about a new area of the ocean where fish were encouraged to swim independently and express their individuality. Excited to find a place where it could be itself, the little fish eagerly swam towards this new area.

As it entered the area, it saw fish of all shapes and sizes, swimming in their own unique ways. The little fish felt right at home amongst all the fish that were INDIE – independent and unique, the opposite of mainstream. It was finally in a place where it belonged and was accepted for being different.

From that day on, the little fish continued to swim INDIE, embracing its individuality and encouraging others to do the same. And so, the little fish became a leader in the INDIE fish movement, inspiring fish everywhere to swim to the beat of their own drum. And that is the story of how the little fish discovered the meaning behind the crossword clue ‘Opposite of mainstream’ and found its answer in the word INDIE.