One of 26.2 in a marathon

One of 26.2 in a marathon - MILE
One of 26.2 in a marathon

Once upon a time, there was a group of runners who were getting ready for a marathon. They were so focused on training and preparing their bodies for the race that they forgot to pay attention to some of the smaller details. One day, when they were reviewing the course map, they realized that they didn’t know how many miles were in a marathon.

The runners frantically searched for the answer, looking through books and asking other runners for help. Then, one of them stumbled upon a crossword puzzle in a local newspaper. They quickly scanned through the clues, hoping that one of them would provide the answer they were looking for.

Finally, they saw it: “One of 26.2 in a marathon.” The answer was “MILE“. The runners were overjoyed at having found the answer to their question in such an unexpected way. They realized that sometimes, answers to our questions come from unexpected sources, and that keeping our minds open and curious can lead us to new knowledge and discoveries.

On the day of the marathon, the runners were determined to finish every single mile, even if it meant pushing through pain and exhaustion. They understood that each mile was a challenge, but also a victory. And as they crossed the finish line, they knew that they had accomplished something truly amazing – running 26.2 miles, one mile at a time.