Needle work

Needle work - TATTOO
Needle work

As a detective, I approached the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Needle work’ by first considering the literal and figurative meanings of the phrase. I knew that needles were commonly used in sewing and embroidery, but I also knew that ‘work’ could refer to any sort of labor or task. I began to brainstorm various possibilities: could it be a specific type of embroidery or sewing technique? Perhaps it was a reference to acupuncture or another medical practice involving needles?

But as I continued to mull over the clue, a new idea began to take shape. I remembered that tattoos were made by inserting ink into the skin using a needle. This, I realized, was a perfect fit for the crossword clue – not only did it involve ‘needle work’, but it also played on the multiple meanings of the phrase, as getting a tattoo could be seen as both a form of labor and a personal expression or artwork.

With this insight, I confidently filled in the answer ‘TATTOO’, feeling satisfied that I had cracked the case and solved this particular crossword mystery.