Music’s Outkast and Erasure, e.g.

Music’s Outkast and Erasure, e.g. - DUOS
Music's Outkast and Erasure, e.g.

As a detective examining the clue ‘Music’s Outkast and Erasure, e.g.‘, the first thing that comes to mind is that ‘Outkast‘ and ‘Erasure‘ are both names of musical groups. At this point, we understand that the answer must relate to a musical term. The use of the word ‘e.g.‘ suggests that we are dealing with a category of musical groups, rather than specific, individual groups.

The next word to focus on is ‘Music’s‘. Plural possessives in crosswords often denote a category or a group. Given that we’re already dealing with group names, it’s likely that we’re looking for another term that refers to musical groups.

The final word in the clue is ‘DUOS‘. This suddenly brings all the pieces together. Outkast and Erasure are both examples of musical duos, meaning each group consists of two members. As detectives solving the mystery, we’ve pieced together the clues to finally unlock the solution.