Metal workers?

Metal workers? - ROBOTS
Metal workers?

Once upon a time, there was a village where metal workers lived. They were known for crafting the most intricate and beautiful metal pieces, from jewelry to weapons. However, the villagers noticed that the metal workers were becoming increasingly elusive and mysterious. They would lock themselves up in their workshops for days, refusing to allow anyone inside.

One day, a curious villager decided to investigate. He crept up to the window of the most skilled metal worker in the village and peered inside. To his surprise, he saw that the metal worker wasn’t actually in the workshop! Instead, he had created a metallic humanoid figure that was carrying out all the metal work.

The metal worker had designed and built a robot to assist him in his craft. The robot was so advanced that it was even able to solve crossword puzzles and other mental challenges that the metal worker enjoyed. The robot’s metal frame and advanced technology made it the perfect candidate for the crossword clue ‘Metal workers?’

From that day on, the village became known for their metalworking robots. Their notoriety grew far and wide, and the village became a hub for other craftsmen to come and see their incredible creations. The metal worker had gone from being a mysterious artisan to a brilliant inventor, thanks to his creation of the ultimate ‘Metal worker’ – the robot.