Make less wordy, say

Make less wordy, say - EDIT
Make less wordy, say

Once upon a time, there was a storyteller named Emily who loved to write. She wrote story after story, each one longer than the last. The people who read her stories enjoyed them, but they often found themselves getting lost in the sea of words.

One day, Emily received a special challenge – she was asked to write a story in just 100 words. Emily was intimidated by the task, but she accepted the challenge anyways. As she struggled to write this short story, she realized that every word she included needed to be carefully selected.

To make sure her story didn’t exceed the 100 word limit, Emily had to constantly review and adjust her words. She found that she was able to make her writing more concise and effective by removing unnecessary words and refining her vocabulary. Emily was “making her writing less wordy”, in other words, she was “editing” it.

From that day forward, Emily learned to appreciate the power of editing. She even started to include an “Edit” step in her writing process, where she would go back over her work with a critical eye, making sure that each word was necessary and well-chosen. And that’s how the crossword clue “Make less wordy, say” is connected to its answer, “EDIT” – editing is the secret ingredient that turns a good writer into a great one.