Loved one

Loved one - IDOL
Loved one

Long ago, in a far-off land, there was a beautiful princess named Laila who had everything she could wish for, except for one thing – love. She was adored by many suitors, but none of them could win her heart. One day, a young man named Ali visited the kingdom. As soon as Laila laid eyes on him, she knew he was the one for her. They fell deeply in love and were inseparable.

Time went by, and Ali had to leave the kingdom for a while to fulfill his duties. Laila felt lonely and sad without him. She looked for ways to keep his memory close to her heart and one day stumbled upon a carved stone figure that looked just like Ali. She bought it and placed it on a pedestal in her room, next to her bed. From that day on, she talked to the statue every night, sharing her thoughts, hopes, and dreams with it. The statue became her confidant and her “idol” – something loved and worshipped.

When Ali returned, he was happy to see Laila again. But he noticed the statue and asked, “why do you talk to that stone figure every night?” Laila smiled and said, “this is my idol, my loved one, my comforter when you were away.”

And so, the word “idol” became synonymous with a “loved one” – someone or something that is adored and cherished. And Laila and Ali lived happily ever after, with the statue always present to remind them of their enduring love.