Little jump

Little jump - HOP
Little jump

There was a young kangaroo named Joey who loved to play. One day, he was bouncing and hopping around the Australian Outback when he saw something strange. It was a big box with black and white squares all over it. Joey’s mom, who was nearby, told him that it was a crossword puzzle.

“Can we try to solve it?” asked Joey.

“Sure,” said his mom. “Let’s start with this one. Three letters, means ‘little jump’.”

Joey thought for a moment, then suddenly jumped straight into the air. “Hop!” he shouted excitedly.

“That’s it!” exclaimed his mom.

From that day on, Joey became fascinated with crossword puzzles and always tried to help his mom when they came across a tricky clue. Whenever he saw the word ‘hop‘, he smiled and remembered how he had helped to solve the puzzle that day.