Literary stand-in for Christ

Literary stand-in for Christ - ASLAN
Literary stand-in for Christ

Certainly! Aslan is fictionally known as the literary stand-in for Christ in the Chronicles of Narnia written by C.S. Lewis. The character was first introduced in the book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and is portrayed as a powerful and noble lion. Aslan is often described as the embodiment of goodness, righteousness, and divine power, and his self-sacrifice in the story mirrors the sacrifice of Christ in the Bible.

Throughout the Chronicles of Narnia series, Aslan is depicted as the savior of Narnia, fighting against evil and restoring peace to the land. In the books, the character’s actions and words are often meant to mimic the teachings of Christianity, with themes of love, sacrifice, and redemption woven throughout the story.

Aslan’s portrayal as the literary stand-in for Christ has been controversial for some, as it has raised questions around the use of religious symbolism in children’s literature. However, for many, the character remains a beloved and inspiring symbol of hope and Christ-like values.

So to answer the crossword clue, “Literary stand-in for Christ”, the answer is Aslan, the noble and powerful lion from the Chronicles of Narnia.