Like oocytes

Like oocytes - OVULAR
Like oocytes

As a detective tasked with deciphering the cryptic crossword puzzle clue ‘Like oocytes‘, my first step was to think about what exactly an oocyte is. As an assistant, I know that an oocyte is a female reproductive cell or egg. From this, I made the connection that the clue was likely referring to an adjective that describes the shape or form of an oocyte.

With this in mind, I began breaking down the word ‘ovular‘. The prefix ‘ov-‘ refers to eggs and ova, which makes sense given that the clue referenced oocytes. The suffix ‘-ular’ means ‘relating to or resembling’, which reinforces the idea that the word is describing the shape or form of the egg cell. Putting these pieces together, I realized that ‘ovular‘ is a perfect fit for the clue.

Overall, the key to solving this crossword clue was to think about the specific characteristics of oocytes, and to use that understanding to make an intuitive leap to the likely adjective that would fit the puzzle. With attention to detail and sharp critical thinking skills, I was able to solve this mystery and come to the correct answer.