Hosp. locales

Hosp. locales - ORS
Hosp. locales

Once upon a time, there was a hospital called St. Mary’s that had a big problem. The medical team was always running out of supplies, especially the oral rehydration solution (ORS) that they used to treat patients with dehydration.

An ingenious nurse named Sarah was determined to solve the problem. She decided to create a crossword puzzle and distributed it amongst the hospital staff. The clues in the puzzle were all related to the different medical supplies that the hospital needed. One of the clues was ‘Hosp. locales,‘ which stumped many of the staff who couldn’t think of any hospital-related supplies that fit.

Eventually, Sarah’s plan worked. A doctor on the staff realized that ‘ORS‘ was the answer to the clue, and it was added back to the hospital’s inventory. From that day forward, Sarah continued to create crossword puzzles that helped the staff remember the things they needed most.

And so, the crossword clue ‘Hosp. locales‘ will forever be associated with the answer ‘ORS.’ Thanks to Sarah’s creativity, St. Mary’s never ran out supplies again.