Hilarious person, colloquially

Hilarious person, colloquially - STITCH
Hilarious person, colloquially

As a detective, my thought process to solve the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Hilarious person, colloquially’ would have involved analyzing the words and their relationships to one another. Firstly, I would have taken note that the clue suggests an informal or colloquial expression for a person who induces laughter or is hilarious. With this in mind, the term ‘Stitch’ comes to mind, which is often used colloquially to describe someone or something that is highly amusing or entertaining.

Furthermore, I would have considered the length of the word as well, as crossword puzzle answers typically have a certain number of letters required, which helps to narrow down possibilities. With six letters, ‘Stitch’ was fitting for the puzzle’s criteria. I could have validated my answer by cross-checking other words intersecting the answer square to confirm that ‘Stitch’ could work for both the horizontal and vertical clues.

In conclusion, as a detective, by carefully analyzing the clues and deducing the right answer based on the word count, and the colloquial nature of the clue, I would have confidently arrived at the answer ‘Stitch’ for the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Hilarious person, colloquially.’