High points

High points - ACMES
High points

Certainly! As an expert in the field, I can say that “ACMES” is a perfect answer to the crossword clue “High points.”

The term “acme” comes from Greek and means “peak” or “summit.” In modern usage, it commonly refers to the highest point of achievement or success. That’s why the term is often used in expressions like “the acme of one’s career” or “the acme of achievement.”

In the context of a crossword puzzle, “ACMES” is an ideal answer because the plural form suggests a range of high points rather than just one. It’s a word that can represent a variety of different peaks and summits, whether in the literal or figurative sense.

For example, it could be used to describe the highest point of a mountain range, the peak of achievement in a sport, or the pinnacle of success in a career or project.

So, if you come across the clue “High points” in a crossword puzzle, consider “ACMES” as a potential answer. It’s a versatile word that perfectly captures the meaning of the clue.