Grocery list listing

Grocery list listing - EGGS
Grocery list listing

One sunny morning, Mrs. Johnson was making her grocery list for the week. She diligently wrote down all the items she needed to grab from the market. However, when she got to the fridge to check which items were running low, she noticed that she was out of eggs.

Desperately needing them for her breakfast omelettes, Mrs. Johnson jotted down ‘EGGS‘ at the top of her grocery list. Suddenly, her mischievous cat, Whiskers, jumped onto the table and started playing with her pencil. In the process, the pencil accidentally rolled off the table and onto the floor, breaking its lead tip.

As Mrs. Johnson bent down to pick it up, she noticed that the broken tip looked like the letter ‘G’. She smiled to herself and scribbled the letter ‘G‘ next to ‘EGGS‘ on her grocery list. Knowing that the next letter was ‘R’, Mrs. Johnson giggled as she added ‘ORANGE JUICE‘ to her list.

And that’s how ‘EGGS‘ became a grocery list listing!