Greek “H”

Greek “H” - ETA
Greek "H"

Once upon a time, there was a curious cat named Felix who loved to explore the world around him. One day, while wandering through Greece, Felix stumbled upon a group of ancient symbols etched into a stone monument. They were unlike any he had ever seen before, and he felt drawn to them.

As he studied the symbols, he noticed one in particular that stood out: a looping shape that resembled the letter “H”. Intrigued, Felix asked a passing Greek scholar what the symbol meant. The scholar smiled and told him that it was a letter in the Greek alphabet, known as “Eta“.

Felix couldn’t help but ask what the connection was between the strange “H” shape and the name “Eta”. The scholar explained that the symbol had evolved from an earlier letter in the Greek alphabet, which had a more distinct “H” sound. Over time, the letter had changed, becoming more rounded and vowel-like, until it eventually became known as “Eta”.

Felix was fascinated by this story and couldn’t wait to share his newfound knowledge with his friends. From that day forward, every time he encountered a crossword clue asking for a Greek “H”, he would smile to himself and think of the ancient origins of the letter “Eta”. And that’s how Felix and the letter “Eta” became lifelong friends.