Greasy spoon, e.g.

Greasy spoon, e.g. - EATERY
Greasy spoon, e.g.

Once upon a time, there was a small town where everyone knew each other. In this town, there was a popular diner run by an elderly lady named Mary. The diner was always crowded, despite its shabby and greasy appearance.

One day, a group of friends who loved solving crossword puzzles came to the diner for breakfast. They were stuck on a clue that read “Greasy spoon, e.g.” and couldn’t figure out the answer. So, they asked Mary, who was happy to help.

Mary replied with a smile, “Why, this is an EATERY!” The group was astonished by her response. They thanked her and continued to enjoy their meal.

As they left the diner, one of the friends asked, “How did Mary come up with that answer so quickly?

The other friend replied, “It’s because this place is not just any greasy spoon, it’s an eatery!” It’s a place where people come to enjoy good food and good company, even if the surroundings may not be fancy.”

From that day on, the group of friends continued to come to Mary’s diner and were always reminded of the word EATERY whenever they saw a greasy spoon restaurant.