Good to go

Good to go - SET
Good to go

Once upon a time, there was a young traveler named Jack who set out on a journey across the desert plains. With nothing but his trusty compass and a map, he navigated the treacherous terrain with ease, always making sure he was ‘Good to go.’

One night, as he set up camp, he realized he had lost his compass. Frantic, he searched high and low for it until he stumbled upon a group of wise old nomads who offered to help him. They told him that they had a secret trick to always being ‘Good to go’ – they would ‘SET’ their bearings by observing the stars and using them as their guide.

And so, Jack took note of their wisdom and ‘SET’ his own path under the guidance of the stars. From then on, he never lost his way on his journey and always made sure he was ‘SET’ to go wherever the wind took him.