Gas station conveniences

Gas station conveniences - MINIMARTS
Gas station conveniences

It was a hot summer day and Jerry’s car was running low on gas. As he pulled into the gas station to fill up his tank, he realized he also needed a few drinks and snacks for the long road ahead. But to his dismay, the gas station didn’t have any of the conveniences he was looking for.

Frustrated and thirsty, he drove around for a while until he stumbled upon a small building just next to the gas station. Written in bold letters on the side was ‘MINIMARTS‘.

Curious, Jerry stepped inside and was pleasantly surprised to find everything he needed. There were shelves filled with chips, candy, and various drinks. There were even some fresh fruits and sandwiches. And to top it off, there were a few tables and chairs provided for customers to sit and relax.

Jerry left the minmart feeling satisfied and wondered why he hadn’t heard of such a place before. As he drove away, he realized that gas station conveniences weren’t just limited to filling up your car. With minmarts around, they could also include all the food and drinks you need for a long journey. And that’s why the answer to that tricky crossword clue was, of course, MINIMARTS!