Fresh start?

Fresh start? - NEO
Fresh start?

Sure, I’d be happy to explain! The crossword clue “Fresh Start?” is actually a clever play on words, as the answer is “NEO.” In this context, “fresh” is a synonym for new, and “start” suggests the beginning of something. So, when we put these two words together, we get “new start” or “fresh start.”

Now, what does “NEO” have to do with this? “NEO” is a prefix that means “new” or “recent.” We see it used in many different ways, such as “neologism” (a newly coined word), “neonatal” (relating to newborn babies), and “neoclassical” (referring to a revived interest in classical styles).

In the context of the crossword clue, “NEO” represents that fresh start or new beginning. It could refer to a new job, a new relationship, a new chapter in one’s life, or any situation where someone is starting over or making a change.

So, in summary, “NEO” is the perfect answer to the crossword clue “Fresh Start?” because it encapsulates the idea of a new beginning or fresh start that the clue hints at.