Feeling down

Feeling down - LOW
Feeling down

As a detective, my initial thought upon reading the crossword clue ‘Feeling down‘ was to consider synonyms and associated emotions. The word ‘down‘ itself indicates a feeling of sadness or depression, but I needed a word that could fill the blank spaces in the crossword. My mind quickly went to words such as ‘sad‘, ‘blue‘, and ‘depressed‘, but these didn’t fit the number of letters or the other intersecting words.

Then, I remembered the word ‘low‘. It fit the number of spaces, and it also had the connotation of feeling sad or discouraged. The word ‘low‘ can be used to describe a person’s mood, energy level, or even self-esteem. It also commonly appears in phrases like “feeling low” or “feeling a bit low”.

I confidently entered ‘LOW‘ into the crossword, and it made sense with the other intersecting words. Sometimes, being a good detective means keeping a mental database of words, meanings, and associations. In this case, my recall of the word ‘low‘ helped me solve the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Feeling down‘.