“Famous” cookie guy

“Famous” cookie guy - AMOS
"Famous" cookie guy

Once upon a time, there was a famous cookie guy named Amos. His cookies were so delicious that people could smell them from miles away! He would sell his cookies in a little stand on the street, where he would befriend passersby as they stopped to purchase his famous treats.

One day, Amos decided to take his cookie business to the next level. He called his sister, who was an artist, and asked her to make him a logo for his cookie brand. She drew a picture of a smiling cookie with the name “Amos” underneath it.

With his new logo in hand, Amos expanded his business across the city, and soon he became the most famous cookie guy in town! Everyone wanted to taste his cookies and see if they were as good as they had heard. And, of course, they were!

Years later, when people solved a crossword puzzle and saw the clue “Famous” cookie guy, they immediately knew the answer was Amos, the man behind the delicious cookies that had become a household name.