Events of interest, with “on”

Events of interest, with “on” - GOINGS
Events of interest, with "on"

As a detective, my first step in solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Events of interest, with “on”‘ was to analyze the language of the clue itself. “Events of interest” suggests that we are looking for something noteworthy, perhaps something happening within a particular community or group. The inclusion of “with ‘on'” implies a preposition, so we are looking for a plural noun that goes with the word “on”.

Based on my analysis, my mind immediately considered words like happenings, occurrences, or incidents. But when I considered the preposition “on,” the word “GOINGS” suddenly came to mind. Goings-on are events or activities that are of interest, often used to describe exciting or intriguing situations. The plural noun and preposition in the clue matched perfectly with the word “GOINGS,” so I was confident that it was the correct answer.

Overall, my thought process for solving this mystery involved not only focusing on the language of the clue, but also on the context that it was presented in. This careful analysis of the wording and understanding of what the clue was looking for ultimately helped me to uncover the elusive solution: GOINGS.