Enjoy the slopes

Enjoy the slopes - SKI
Enjoy the slopes

There was a young girl named Lily, who loved spending her winters in the mountains. She was an active soul, always looking for adventurous activities to keep herself entertained. Her favorite pastime was skiing and she spent hours on the slopes, enjoying the views and the adrenaline rush that came with it.

One day, while walking on the mountain trail, Lily stumbled upon an old man who seemed to be lost and confused. She offered her help and soon realized that the man was actually a crossword puzzle fanatic who had been trying to solve a puzzle.

As the man searched through his puzzle booklet, Lily noticed a particular clue – “Enjoy the slopes.” She immediately knew the answer was ‘SKI‘. She explained to the man how skiing was her favorite activity and how it connected perfectly with the clue. The man was thrilled and immediately jotted down the answer onto the paper.

The old man thanked Lily for her help and walked away, leaving her to continue her adventures on the slopes. From that day on, Lily realized that even a simple crossword puzzle could connect people with common interests and bring them together.