Docking locales

Docking locales - PIERS
Docking locales

Welcome! Today we will be discussing the crossword clue “Docking locales,” and the correct answer, which is PIERS.

A pier is a structure that extends outward into a body of water, such as a river or ocean, and is used for loading and unloading boats or ships. Piers can vary in size and shape, but they typically consist of a long platform made of wooden planks or concrete, supported by beams or columns driven into the ground beneath the water.

Piers can also serve other purposes beyond docking boats, such as serving as a promenade or fishing spot. You may have seen piers in popular tourist destinations such as Santa Monica or Brighton Beach.

In terms of the crossword clue “Docking locales,PIERS is the correct answer because it refers to the specific structures used for boats and ships to dock at. So, in the context of the crossword puzzle, if you see the clue “Docking locales,” you can confidently fill in the answer as PIERS.

I hope you found this explanation helpful and informative!