Decide one will

Decide one will - OPTTO
Decide one will

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The crossword clue “Decide one will” can be solved by the word “OPTTO”. “OPT” means to choose or select, and “TO” indicates the direction or action being taken. Put together, “OPTTO” means to make a decision and take a specific course of action based on that decision.

In other words, when someone “OPTS TO” do something, they have made a deliberate choice to take a certain path or pursue a certain course of action. For example, “I OPTED TO take a job in the city, even though it meant a longer commute,” means that the speaker weighed their options and chose the city job over another option.

It’s important to note that “OPTTO” is typically used in a more formal or structured setting, such as in a business or academic context. In everyday conversation, one might say “I decided to” or “I chose to” instead.

I hope this explanation helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.