Deborah of “The Innocents,” 1961

Deborah of “The Innocents,” 1961 - KERR
Deborah of "The Innocents," 1961

As a detective, I begin by analyzing the given information that Deborah is a character from the movie “The Innocents,” released in 1961. Then, I jot down the possible actors or actresses who could have played the role of Deborah in the movie. After some brainstorming, I recall that the popular actress Deborah Kerr starred in “The Innocents.” However, the given clue mentions ‘Deborah of “The Innocents,” 1961.’ Therefore, I take a mental leap and use my base knowledge that there is no famous actress named Deborah from that year except Kerr. Therefore, I confidently deduce that the answer to the crossword clue is “KERR.” The combination of logical reasoning and factual knowledge was the key to unlocking this mystery.