Criminal patterns, in brief

Criminal patterns, in brief - MOSQUITO
Criminal patterns, in brief

Once upon a time, there was a notorious criminal named Mosquito. Mosquito had a very unique pattern of committing his crimes. He would always strike in the dark of the night and leave no traces behind except for a tiny bite mark on his victim’s skin.

The police department was stumped and couldn’t figure out how to catch Mosquito. One day, a detective was working on a crossword puzzle and came across the clue ‘Criminal patterns, in brief‘. Suddenly, a light bulb went off in his head. Mosquito’s bite pattern was his criminal pattern!

With this realization, the detectives started to work on a plan to capture Mosquito. They set up traps in popular mosquito breeding areas and waited for him to strike. Finally, Mosquito fell for their trap and was caught red-handed.

From that day on, Mosquito’s name became synonymous with criminal patterns in the detective world. They solved the mystery and successfully apprehended the criminal thanks to the humble crossword puzzle clue.