Concerning, with “of”

Concerning, with “of” - APROPOS
Concerning, with "of"

As a detective working on solving the mystery of the crossword clue “Concerning, with ‘of’,” my initial thought was to look for a word that conveyed the idea of “about” or “related to.” I considered several options, including “pertaining” and “regarding,” but they didn’t fit neatly with the “of” in the clue.

As I continued to ponder the meaning behind the clue, I thought about how the word “apropos” is often used in conversation to signal that someone is about to make a point that is relevant or applicable to the current topic. Suddenly, it clicked – “apropos” encapsulated the idea of “concerning” while also making sense with the “of” in the clue as a preposition indicating the context or subject of the matter in question.

With this realization, I felt a rush of excitement that often comes with cracking a difficult puzzle. It’s amazing how a simple crossword clue can lead to an intuition-building journey that sharpens the mind and fosters a sense of accomplishment. In this case, my detective work paid off and the solution to the mystery was revealed – “apropos,” the perfect word to match the clue.