Completely - INTOTO

Sophie was determined to solve the crossword puzzle in today’s newspaper. She had been working on it for a while when she came across the clue “Completely.” She thought about the possibilities – “entirely,” “thoroughly,” “absolutely” – but none of them fit the word space.

Frustrated, she decided to take a walk around her neighborhood to clear her mind. As she walked, she noticed a group of kids playing hopscotch on the sidewalk. She watched as one of them hopped from square to square, trying to make it to the end without stepping on a line.

Suddenly, it hit her. The answer to the crossword clue “Completely” was “INTOTO.” It was like the hopscotch game – to complete the game, you have to jump IN each square TOTOally avoid stepping on any lines.

Excited about her discovery, Sophie ran back home to finish the puzzle. When she filled in the answer “INTOTO” for the clue “Completely,” she felt proud of herself for making the connection between the game and the crossword. From that day on, every time she saw kids playing hopscotch, she smiled and thought of her moment of revelation.