Clips, in brief

Clips, in brief - VIDS
Clips, in brief

As a detective, my first step in solving a mystery is always to carefully analyze and dissect the given clues. In this case, the clue ‘Clips, in brief’ immediately caught my attention. I began to think of all the possible words that could be used to describe short video clips, and ‘VIDS’ immediately stuck out to me as the most plausible answer.

My thought process was influenced by a number of insights – first and foremost, the fact that the clue itself included the phrase ‘in brief’, which suggested that we were looking for a word that was short and concise in nature. Additionally, the word ‘clips’ indicated that we were dealing with some form of visual media – and based on my own personal experience with technology and social media, I knew that ‘VIDS’ (short for videos) is a common slang term used to describe short video clips.

By piecing together these various clues and insights, I was able to confidently arrive at the answer – ‘VIDS’ – and solve the mystery of the crossword clue. As a detective, it’s always immensely satisfying to see all the pieces of the puzzle come together in the end, and I’m pleased to have been able to use my analytical and creative abilities to crack this particular case.