Characteristic of John Waters movies

Characteristic of John Waters movies - CAMPINESS
Characteristic of John Waters movies

Once there was a movie buff named Jane who loved watching strange and quirky films. She was a big fan of filmmaker John Waters and couldn’t get enough of his strange and unusual movies.

One day, Jane was working on a crossword puzzle and came across a clue that she knew had to be related to John Waters. The clue was “Characteristic of John Waters movies.”

Jane immediately thought of the word “campiness“. This word perfectly described the fun and playful tone found in many of Waters’ films. Campiness is all about over-the-top humor and exaggerated characters. It’s what makes Waters’ movies so unique and enjoyable to watch.

From then on, Jane thought of “campiness” every time she watched a John Waters movie. It was like she had uncovered a secret code that helped her better appreciate these amazing films. And she was happy to share her newfound knowledge with all her movie-loving friends.