“Buckle up! It’s the ___”

“Buckle up! It’s the ___” - LAW
"Buckle up! It's the ___"

Once upon a time, there was a small town named Puzzleville where the citizens loved to solve crosswords. They held weekly competitions to see who could solve the most difficult clues, and the winner was crowned the crossword champion.

One day, a particularly tricky clue was released: “Buckle up! It’s the ___.” The townspeople scratched their heads and furiously scribbled answers on their papers, but none were correct.

As they pondered the clue, a stranger entered the town, introducing himself as Mr. Law. The townspeople recognized him as a famous lawyer.

Mr. Law, curious about the commotion, asked what had the townspeople stumped. They showed him the clue, and he chuckled. “Do you see my name?” he pointed out. “L-A-W. Buckle up! It’s the law.”

The citizens were amazed by his ingenious answer, and Mr. Law became an instant celebrity. From then on, every time they saw a road sign reminding them to buckle up, they couldn’t help but chuckle and think of Mr. Law’s clever answer.

And that’s how the crossword clue “Buckle up! It’s the ___” became synonymous with the answer “LAW” in Puzzleville.