Bench press target

Bench press target - PEC
Bench press target

Once upon a time, there was a brave knight named Sir Lancelot who wanted to prove his strength and become a powerful warrior. He had heard of a mythical beast that lived on a mysterious island, guarded by formidable obstacles. Sir Lancelot knew that in order to defeat this beast, he needed to train his upper body strength.

One day, his mentor, Master Yoda, took him to a secret gym hidden deep in the forest. There, Sir Lancelot saw a bench press with a peculiar carving on it. It was a target, in the shape of a chest muscle.

Master Yoda explained that the bench press was the key to developing Sir Lancelot’s pectoral muscles, which would make him stronger and more resilient. Sir Lancelot began bench pressing with all his might, feeling his chest muscles expand with each repetition.

After months of training, Sir Lancelot was ready to face the beast. He traveled to the mystical island and battled the beast, using all the strength he had gained from the bench press. With a final blow, he defeated the beast and saved the kingdom.

From that day on, the bench press with the pec target remained a symbol of strength and determination, and became known to all as the PEC. And that is how the crossword clue ‘bench press target’ came to be known as the answer ‘PEC’.