Bathroom powders

Bathroom powders - TALCS
Bathroom powders

As a detective inspecting the crossword puzzle, the clue “Bathroom Powders” immediately brings to mind personal grooming items that are commonly found in the washroom. The first word that comes to mind is talc-based powders or commonly known as ‘Talcs‘. This insight is because talcum powders are commonly used in bathrooms and are widely known as a bathroom powder.

Not only are talc-based powders found in bathrooms, but they are also frequently used on a personal level for maintaining hygiene and body odor control. In addition, they are also used in many cosmetic and personal care products, further strengthening their association with bathrooms.

Going over the crossword puzzle, it’s clear that no other powder type can directly be placed in the puzzle requiring a five-letter word. Taking all of these insights into account, ‘TALCS‘ inevitably emerges as the most fitting answer for a five-letter ‘Bathroom Powders’ crossword clue.