Attach, as a patch

Attach, as a patch - IRONON
Attach, as a patch

Today, we will be discussing the crossword clue “Attach, as a patch“. The answer to this crossword clue is “IRONON“. So, what exactly does “iron-on” mean?

Iron-on” refers to a type of patch that is attached to fabric through the heat and pressure generated by an iron. Iron-on patches are typically made of a fusible adhesive material which, when heated with an iron, melts and adheres to the fabric.

Iron-on patches are a popular and convenient way to add decoration or repair to clothing, bags, and other fabric items. They come in a wide variety of designs, including sports team logos, cartoon characters, and decorative shapes.

To attach an iron-on patch, you will need to first determine where you want to place it on your fabric. Heat up your iron to the required temperature and place a pressing cloth over the area where you will be placing the patch. Next, place the patch on the pressing cloth with the adhesive side facing down onto the fabric. Hold the iron onto the pressing cloth over the patch, making sure to apply pressure and move the iron in a circular motion. The amount of time and pressure required will depend on the type of fabric and patch being used, so be sure to follow the instructions provided with your patch.

After removing the iron and pressing cloth, check to ensure that the patch has adhered to the fabric. If not, repeat the process until it is firmly attached. And there you have it – now you have a better understanding of what “iron-on” means and how to apply an iron-on patch to your clothing or other fabric items.