Allhallows ___

Allhallows ___ - EVE
Allhallows ___

Sure, I can help with that! “Allhallows” is an archaic word used to refer to the night of October 31st, which is now better known as “Halloween“. The word “EVE” is the correct answer to this crossword clue because Allhallows “Eve” is the traditional name for the evening before All Saints’ Day, which falls on November 1st each year.

The term “Eve” refers to the period of time immediately preceding a major holiday or event, such as Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. In this case, Allhallows Eve is the night before All Saints’ Day, which is a significant day in the Christian calendar.

In modern times, Halloween has become much more commercialized and is often associated with “spooky costumes”, “trick-or-treating“, and other “fun activities“. However, the origins of the holiday date back to ancient Celtic traditions and the celebration of the harvest season. Allhallows Eve was considered a time when the veil between the world of the living and the dead was thin, and people would “light bonfires” and “wear masks” to ward off evil spirits.

So in summary, if you come across the crossword clue “Allhallows ___”, the correct answer is “EVE“. This refers to the night of October 31st, which is now commonly known as Halloween but was historically referred to as Allhallows Eve, the evening before All Saints’ Day.