Actress Lillian with a 75-year film career

Actress Lillian with a 75-year film career - GISH
Actress Lillian with a 75-year film career

As a detective, the first thing that comes to mind when solving a crossword clue is to look for the number of letters in the answer. Here, we are told that the answer is for an actress with a film career spanning 75 years. The number of letters in the name would most likely be long. Therefore, we begin by considering actresses with long names, preferably starting with ‘L’ since the clue mentions Actress Lillian. The first name that comes to mind is Lillian Gish.

Lillian Gish was a legendary actress known for her long career that spanned over 75 years. She started her career in silent films in the early 1900s and continued acting until her death in 1993. Her many notable performances and contributions to the film industry make her an excellent fit for the clue. The name ‘Gish’ also fits perfectly with the number of letters required by the crossword puzzle.

Therefore, after analyzing the given clues and considering the length of the name, the name Lillian Gish appears to be the most fitting answer. It is a name that immediately comes to mind when thinking about successful actresses who have had long and illustrious careers.