___ Alto

___ Alto - PALO
___ Alto

Once upon a time, there was a little town called Alto. It was a lovely place with friendly people and a delightful atmosphere. One day, a new stranger came to town. His name was Palo.

As he was settling into his new home, Palo noticed that the locals were fond of puzzles. One day, they handed him a crossword puzzle with a clue that read ‘___ Alto.’ Palo, being unfamiliar with the town’s name, became puzzled. After some thought, he realized that the word ‘alto‘ meant ‘high’ in Spanish.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t come up with anything that would fit the clue. So, he decided to take a stroll around the town to clear his mind. During his walk, Palo came across a tall tree with a sign on it that read ‘PALO – tall tree’ in Spanish. Palo thought to himself, “Ah! That’s the answer to the crossword!”

He hurried back to the locals and exclaimed, “I got it! The answer is PALO!” The townspeople were impressed by his deductive skills and welcomed him with open arms. From that day forward, Palo became an integral part of the community, and whenever someone mentioned Alto or a tall tree, they would always remember Palo and his cleverness.